My name is Jessica Jones, I’m 21 years old and I’ve suffered from vaginismus for about 2 years. The road to finding Dr. Pacik was long but well worth it. I saw several gynecologists, physical therapists, and psychotherapists over the last 2 years and no one seamed to be able to help me. Throughout the process I was fortunate to have a very understanding boyfriend and a very open family. I was able to talk about my problem with all of them though no one knew what the problem was. One morning I decided I was done suffering, I was determined to find a cured and I DID! I found Dr. Pacik’s website and called as soon as they opened in the morning. Sue answered my call and offered to send me the paperwork to get “the ball rolling” in a sense. After several weeks of trying to convince my mom that this was the answer we had been looking for I scheduled my appointment for December 12, 2011. I was so excited, if it had been up to me I would have been on a plane heading to New Hampshire the same day. On December 11th my mother, aunt and I travelled to New Hampshire from Montreal. On December 12th I woke up eager to get to Dr. Pacik’s office. Once there, I met with Ellen, Dr. Pacik, and the anesthesiologist, within the next hour I was in the operating room. I remember waking up in the recovery room and thinking ‘this is really over, I’m cured.’ For the next couple hours we practiced dialation. I was sent back to my hotel room with the puple dialator and slept with it in place. The next day I returned to the office for more dialation and group therapy. I was told that I didn’t have to return on the 3rd day. Since the procedure I have slept with the purple dialator almost every night. I’ve tried sleeping with the pink one but it tends to get uncomfortable during the night. 11 days after the procedure i was able to have intercourse, I cried but this time it wasn’t because it was hurting unbearably, it was because I knew I had been cured from vaginismus. Dr. Pacik and his team are brilliant, and I will be forever grateful for what they have done for me and women with the same condition. In a sense I think I dealt with vaginismus light heartedly and like with a lot of things in life I was able to laugh about it (most of the time). I truly believe laughter is the best medicine, it got me through the last 2 years and in particular the 2 days I spent at Dr. Pacik’s office. I take any opportunity I have to inform others about the condition and have done so from the beginning. If anyone has any questions for me I would be more than happy to correspond with you by email or phone.

On another note, Dr. Pacik and his staff are simply outstanding. From my very first call with Sue to the actual procedure, and afterwards they have been like family. Thank-you, for all the hard work you put into helping all of us overcome vaginismus. It is apparent that Dr. Pacik takes his work to heart and as a patient that can be so comforting.