Hi Salvarez. This makes me so, so mad at this gyn doctor for you. For vaginismus patients, the first gyn exam post-procedure is such an important thing. I don’t think anyone truly gets this unless you have gone through horrible exams in the past or just had very bad experiences with physicians who didn’t understand the condition. I’m sorry you had to go through this. Please don’t be disappointed in yourself at all. Be proud of yourself for going through it even with a very uneducated and uninformed doctor. I’m very proud of you for that! I would definitely try to find a new gyn doctor asap and never return to her. I started a thread in another area of the forum about physician/clinician referrals and would love to hear from any of you here as well. I think it’s a great idea to note doctors in our areas who do actually understand the condition of vaginismus and are compassionate and caring individuals. I’m, again, very proud of you Salvarez and sorry that you had to go through this experience.