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Thank you for sharing the article about Mary and her struggles with Menopausal Vaginismus. I’m 59 years old and was diagnosed with Secondary Vaginismus and have been in menopause for 4 years. I can relate to many aspects of Mary’s difficult journey, but was able to have pain-free, enjoyable sex with my husband for many years and we have been blessed with two children. I started to have some pain with intercourse in perimenopause. This progressively got more and more painful, until when in full menopause the pain became unbearable and I was eventually diagnosed with Vaginismus. In desperation I went online searching for a solution and came upon Dr. Pacik’s website. I had the botox procedure 90 days ago and am so very happy I did!! The first month of dilating went really well for me and I was able to dilate up to #5 pink glass for at least one hour without any pain. At day 19 post procedure my husband and I tried intercourse and were able to insert only 3″ but that was definitely a good start. At day 25 and after dilating with #5 pink dilator for 2.5 hrs., we tried again and had successful, full penetration. This was painful for me, but less so than the first attempt and I was SO excited and elated! Then at day 32 things started to go downhill. Dr. Pacik and his team often said that the early days post procedure can be a real roller coaster ride and boy were they right. I got a vaginal infection and struggled with it for a month. The lube I had been using started to give me problems, as did every other one I tried until I came upon Pure Coconut Oil. It works wonderfully for me and I’m so happy that I am back on track dilating comfortably as before with the #5 pink. Dr. P. and his team are wonderful and continue to guide me along my path to pain free intercourse. Best wishes to all the women with Menopausal Vaginismus. In sharing our stories we can support and help each other! 🙂