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Ok here I go “out on a limb”… Instead of the vag (that was a joke)..

I have gotten so good with the glass dilator #6 that I can insert it and “hold” it in there with thighs and God only knows whatever other muscles are there (well God…..and….Dr Pacik maybe ha ha!) long enough to go from bathroom to bed or up getting my seven year old something for the 50th time 30 minutes into dilating!

But on a kind of TMI funny note…

I was dilating an hour before anticipated “activity” and, while dilating, my hubby decides to put on this outrageously funny TV show. The kind that gets you roaring and feeling like you’ve just completed 100 sit-ups in 8.5 seconds?! And for the life of me it kept slipping out a bit and having to be repositioned. After about 20 minutes of this crazy shenanigans, I accidentally had a confused moment where I must have expelled air and it sounded like I had broken the glass dilator!! I went from laughing to horror! My mind raced with “How would I explain this to Dr Pacik in an email? To thoughts of “OMG! What if the “Venus Fly Trap” (aka, what I used to call my vagina) broke it and the big V was back?

Well obviously it was worry for naught and all was well in the Pacik Glass 6 department! Phew!

Now, THERE is a story from THIS dilating diva! Ha!