Janet Pacik

Today, there are over 600 members of the VaginismusMD Forum and it continues to grow every day. Gone are the days that women with vaginismus have to feel completely alone and isolated in dealing with this painful condition. Now, we, as a community, are here to support each other through all of the ups, downs, and steps in the journey of overcoming vaginismus. As Dr. Pacik has said, when three patients are treated with Botox for vaginismus on the same day, we start with different degrees of severity of the vaginismus and different levels of anxiety. Each patient then follows along a different course. Some sail through with the large dilators, others struggle. Some achieve early intercourse while others take longer. This is all emphasized during the counseling sessions so no one feels left behind. It is the final victory of overcoming lifelong vaginismus that counts. With that being said, please maintain the professional nature of this Forum and refrain from describing other patients’ experiences and journeys as they are private and unique to that patient. Thank you all for your continued support and participation. Every day, we can all learn something new from each other and it is invaluable to have this level of shared support through the VaginismusMD Forum.