Looks like Heather did a great job answering most of your questions.

I don’t know if the procedure you are having in your country will follow the same protocol that Dr. Pacik created, and the one we use here at Maze Women’s Health, so I can only speak about how we do the procedure here.

I believe what makes our procedure so successful is the progressive dilation with the botox under anesthesia. I am not sure if you will be having the dilation under anesthesia with your botox injections, but I really feel that is key to success.

I have spoken with patients who have received botox injections for vaginismus, but have not had the progressive dilation with the procedure, and the outcome was not as successful.

Consistent progressive dilation is so important to treating, overcoming and curing vaginismus.

The progressive dilation can be uncomfortable and cause a burning sensation for many people. That feeling usually slowly fades the longer you continue to do your dilation exercises.

Most patients don’t need repeated botox injections if they have followed the protocol and worked through the dilators.

After the procedure you should be completely fine to resume all of your usual activities.

Hope this helps, good luck with your procedure..