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Thank you for your response doctor, I truly appreciate the support I can’t explain how helpful just your responses have been because it shows you care a great deal and this has helped me so much.

Yesterday was a huge success for me as I was able to progress to my 3rd dilator – it went in with easr after I dilated with 2 for about 10mins.

I have been dilating a total of 45-50 mind per day and have seen much progress in my handling on the initial insertion pain and following through with dilating.

I just read that my current dilator 3 is the equivalent length of the 5 for the pure romance 4 inches, this has made my day as I see myself getting a step closer to intercourse.

I had a question, when I was dilating today- I felt resistance when I pushed it all the way in. Is there a point where I cannot push in any further? Example when I go up a dilator? Which is about 5.5 inches.

Bless you both for your responses, help, support and advice. I cannot express how much this means to me.