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Hey Kim! Congrats on having the procedure finished and behind you! It’s DEFINITELY more sensitive around period time, so don’t stress. Also, I totally know the feeling you’re referring to, and I assure you that even though it feels a bit painful/irritating/uncomfortable, it’s completely fine and not hitting anything. That’s honestly just the way it feels when you’re sitting and moving around a bit, it definitely feels like it’s poking your cervix – it does get better but feels that way with every size, but don’t worry, it’s normal!

The first few weeks are full of all kinds of new and kind of weird sensations, and I promise once you get a month in you’ll be much more familiar and comfortable with everything. You will also surprise yourself as you advance. I know it seems crazy that the 4, 5, and 6 can fit up there but they do and it’s fine! 🙂 Every time I went up a size, I literally thought “No way, there is absolutely no way this can fit inside me” – and not only was I wrong but after getting used to them I now see the 4 and 5 as pretty small! In my head they looked/seemed enormous but over time I allowed my body to acclimate. I am sitting here with the #6 in right now pain free and honestly there were times I really doubted I’d get here.

And I’m only 46 days post-op! So hopefully that is some encouragement for you. Move at your own pace and do what works best for you in your body’s timing. You’re doing awesome!