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Hi guys! I love the “linguine” post …lol! So cute! I have not tried this position with the hubby but want to now. Daisy, this could work so great for you too. Let us know. Lulu, you are making tremendous progress. Isn’t it amazing to look back and see where you once were and where you are right now. I do this all the time and remember not being able to even insert a tampon pre-procedure to now being able to make love to my hubby and have successful gyn exams pain-free. Thank God and thank Dr. P and the new group, Maze, that there is a treatment option out there that works to cure vaginimsus.

In regards to finding the time to dilate, in the past, Rachel wrote such a great post that I wanted to share:

“I found sleeping in the dilaters worked for me because I am a 12 hour shift worker. I certainly couldn’t wear them to work!lol I have had an idea though that may help some people just starting out. Maybe Dr.Pacik could comment on what he thinks of this thought. I was thinking that whilst we are at work on long shifts we could switch to inserting tampons. That way our vagina is still getting used to having something in there and are brains are getting used to inserting things too. They are discrete and easy to carry around and you don’t have to waddle and look like you have a bad back or are 9 months pregnant when you are walking around! Just a thought.

Another thought is to treat your dilation treatment like a pavlo dogs experiement! Pamper yourself and provide yourself with a treat whilst you are doing your dilation treatment. For example, when you have your dilaters in watch your favourite movie or endulge in a big bar of chocolate or your favourite cake or a glass of red wine! That way you can look forward to sitting with your dilaters in!”

Sending you big hugs!! :):):)