Hi all. Amanda, huge Congrats on your recent procedure. I am so, so, so very happy for you and your hubby! Michelle, I, too, felt so similar to you with regards to using the dilators prior to my June procedure. I had never been successful with inserting a thing in my life. I tried to use this workbook and hard plastic dilators and it just didn’t happen. I couldn’t even insert one of the tiny slim ones. With every single try, it felt like I was hitting a brick wall. Out of everything pre-procedure, I was most scared about the dilating. Despite this fear and with the hubby’s support and reassurance, I had the procedure and then was able to dilate post-procedure. I think what helped it to work so much for me was that the stubborn muscles that were always in the way (i.e. the wall of resistance) was not there anymore. Also, by waking up with a dilator in place, I mentally knew this was possible and something could be inside of me and it did not hurt. Then, it helped so much for me to have handles on the dilators and to very liberally use the surgilube/lidocaine combo of lubricant on the dilators. Another thing that helped beyond words was the support we received from Dr. Pacik and all of the staff as well as my roomie who was also having the procedure on the same day. This was truly invaluable. Sending you support and hugs today!!