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In addition to this article, I think some useful posts to print and share with your partner include real-life testimonials from husbands and partners who witnessed the spasms and pain associated with vaginismus first-hand.

“Dr. Pacik and his staff provided me with a set of surgical scrubs and invited me into the operating room. Before being placed under general anesthesia, Dr. Pacik allowed me to see and feel Olivia’s spasms. Then again once she was fully under anesthesia, to see that the spasms were still present. The value of this experience was immeasurable and allowed me to learn that primary vaginismus was a completely physical barrier and not a mental barrier for Olivia.”

“My wife just went through the Botox procedure with Dr. Pacik. I was with her the whole time. As Dr. Pacik recommended, I went into the OR with her while he gave her injections. I really got to see that what she was going through (vaginismus) was not a conscious decision. Her body just did it automatically.”

“Hello everyone. I would like to start by thanking Dr. Pacik, his staff and most of all my beautiful fiancee for being a strong woman and going through with the procedure. In the beginning of this problem, I wasn’t a strong believer of the procedure. I didn’t believe it till I finally saw it with my own eyes this past weekend. I saw what “Vaginismus” really is. I witnessed how my fiancee was put under with enough anesthesia to do knee surgery on a 250 pound man, and her vagina was still going into spasms. Dr. Pacik asked that I try to put my finger in her vagina but it was impossible. I didn’t understand how this was even possible. During that moment I felt this pain in my heart and felt horrible for not understanding how she felt the many times we tried and failed. Every attempt we would end up upset for not being able to make love. I want to encourage any couple suffering from Vaginismus to please consider taking this treatment. My fiancee is next to me as i type this with the pink dialater in place. She went from not even a small q-tip to a midsize dialater in hours. We are so happy we found Dr Pacik and his staff. We are forever greatful we live in a time where Dr Pacik is available to treat us. I have no words to describe how others feel,who have been dealing with this for years! Take a chance and look into it. What do you have to lose? Just your long life partner right? Exactly. Dont let this problem keep making your life miserable. Its a lot of weight to carry for both of you. I wish everyone the best and goodluck. Thank you for taking the time to read this.”