Hi ladies. In an excellent post, a recently treated patient, Becca, commented about the benefits of using SLIPPERY STUFF lubricant post-procedure:

“I don’t know if any other women have had this happen but I thought the jar of lube I was sent home from the office with was the slippery stuff lube, I didn’t realize it was a surgilube/lidocaine mix. I was having INTENSE dryness, the first day/night because all I used was that mix and it left me dry, hurting and feeling like I was ripping my skin off to try and pull the dilators back out after leaving them in for a few hours or overnight. It literally took me 20 minutes of sobbing to get the #4 out later that day, it was easily one of the most painful things I have ever experienced. 🙁 The next day I talked to Dr. Pacik and Ellen about it and they got me a little jar of the slippery stuff to use and it has been MUCH better since then. So to any ladies in the future, just make sure you’re using “real” lube and hopefully you can avoid that problem!”