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Hi Rebecca. It’s so nice to talk to you. I think it’s so, so wonderful to have this Forum as a means of support. Prior to my treatment in 2011, the Forum did not exist and my hubby and I truly thought we were the only ones in the world affected by vaginismus. Fast fwd to the day of my procedure and for the first time, we met another couple also going through it and we finally felt like we weren’t the only ones. Now, with the creation of this Forum, it removes the isolation that I so often felt while having vaginismus and please know that you are not alone with it at all. Currently, there are over 800 Forum members, many of who also have vaginismus and are working towards being cured.

I think it’s so excellent that you have your PT appointment coming up on 12/14 and I absolutely KNOW that it is going to go so, so well. Some tips for the day: If you can, bring your boyfriend with you solely for support. I live in Boston and Dr. Pacik is located only an hour north in Manchester, NH. On the day of my procedure, I had my husband with me and I was so nervous that I got sick in the car on the ride up and wanted to turn around several times (thanking God he drove and I didn’t). He easily would’ve turned the car around for me but didn’t (again, thank God) and I made it to the appt.

Another thought is please post here prior to your appt. and know that we are all right here for you and you have our support 100%!!!! Often times, talking about this in advance helps so much to reduce anxiety. Knowledge is power. To the ladies on here who have gone to physical therapy, what have your experiences been like? Please, please share.

Sending you hugs and support Rebecca!!!