Hi Dr. Pacik! I have still began going to counseling again and you’re right, I seldom dilate. Sometimes it helps if I dilate just before insertion with my husband. It’s weird that I can go straight to blue, of course taking it slow, but trying to just insert with my husband is always a task. I don’t know why the mind keeps holding on to things that happened to me as a child??? It’s weird… it’s subconscious which makes it just that much more difficult. ??? We have made progress though… Sex is still mechanical but at least it can be done. When I first reached out to your office I had been trying to make peace with the fact that sex may never happen for me. I’ve also learned to be ok with the fact that it’s taking me much longer than most. I have to remember, this is my journey and I can’t expect it to be the same as anyone else. Thank you Dr. Pacik for all the work that you do. Even though I’m not where I want to be yet in my VAG journey, I know that I’m light years beyond where I was. You and Mrs. Pacik are awesome. 🙂