Hi Galaxy and Heather! Ok so I’m not a drinker (I know I’m such a nerd)… so what would be a good wine to try??? Something fruity… see that’s why I don’t drink – because I never liked the taste of alcohol… so maybe something sweet??? Any suggestions??? lol… Oh and Galaxy last time we tried adding the vibrator… it felt a little awkward for me but I’m not giving up so we plan to try it again. 🙂

Side note: I just want to say I’m incredibly thankful for you ladies. You’re awesome and I love being able to come here to vent or talk or just to have someone who can relate. Also want to give a world wide shout out to my bestie who overcame vag (I won’t mention her name) and is now expecting!! God is soo good! I’m soo happy for her! Not to mention, seeing her at this point gives me hope too!