Hi Heather,
Dilating is becoming a lot easier everyday. I still struggle with sleeping with it at nights and I guess Lady Purple has become my friend. I am trying to add new friends daily like Ms. Pink and Mr. Blue. It is crazy but they do become part of you. The glass dilator is a lot easier for me to insert and it does not have that handle but it does seem to conform to the shape of your outer vagina muscles which helps. The only disadvantage as I stated earlier I found is that since it goes in so easily, it also comes out just as easily so you need to really have a good pair of tight panties on or a pad to keep it in. The last time I had the Pure Romance in was Day 1 Post Procedure and just wanted to stick with the glass. When you consistently dilate, it just decreases your anxiety daily because you are able to insert it. It is just a huge confidence builder and pushes me closer to the next step of intercourse. I cant wait to share that story! lol…:)