Hi there. I think it would be a great idea to visit your own doctor there. I found a previous post that includes a sample script for Talking to Doctors about Vaginismus. You can tweak the script to fit your situation and this may really help:


Sample Script: Self-Guided History of Sexual Pain 1. Introduce the problem: “I have been having problems with pain during sex and hope you will be able to help me.” 2.Provide a description of the pain (be specific): •It happens when …”my husband tries insert his penis in my vagina” or “once he is inside and starts to move I feel burning and tighten up”, etc. •The pain is located …”at the entrance to my vagina. My vagina is like a wall; he just cannot get it in.” or “after he is inside I feel burning around the penis just inside the entrance”, etc. •The pain lasts …”as long as he keeps trying, especially if we try forcing it in. Once he stops there is no pain.” •This has been happening since …”our honeymoon two years ago and has continued to happen every time we try to have sex” (primary vaginismus) or “my hysterectomy eight months ago”(secondary vaginismus), etc. [Note: Inform your doctor if you have been able to previously have sexual intercourse without pain.] •It feels like …”burning”, “stinging”, “like he’s hitting a wall”, “tightness during/on entry”, etc. •I have tried to reduce or eliminate the pain by …”using lubricant, changing sexual positions, relaxing more.” •I am able / unable to …”insert a tampon or complete a gynecological exam.” 3.Mention any past problems: Have you previously had any sexually transmitted diseases, yeast infections, bladder problems, or any pelvic pain outside of penetration? 4.State what you think the problem is: “I think it may be vaginismus. My symptoms are similar to those outlined in an article I read. However, I have read there are other things that can cause pain during sex and would like to have them ruled out.”

Please know that we are all here to support you. This is a hard thing to go through and what often makes it harder is feeling like the only one that has it. I remember going through my 20s with it and not telling anyone except my then boyfriend/now husband and it was so hard. Please know that so many of us on here either have or have had vaginismus and we are here for you!!!