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This is a truly wonderful story and my sincere congratulations on your tremendous success. Its stories like yours that make me just want to tell every other women in the world who is struggling with this all about vaginismus and that there is a real treatment program out there that works. I entirely agree with you that Dr. P and every one of his staff members make you feel welcome and never ever treat you like an “outcast” or freak as so many other clinicians who don’t understand vaginismus do. I love your statement “If you are struggling with this, you are not alone … speak up and don’t be afraid … there are people out there to help you.” Vaginismus itself can make you feel so, so isolated and you really do suffer with this condition in silence, often hiding it from even your closest family and friends. It’s so, so important to know that you are not alone with this and there really are people out there who CARE and will help you to overcome.