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Dr. Pacik

The amazing thing that happens when you go public is how suddenly many others come out of the woodwork and speak about their own sexual pain. As for husbands this is something that needs to be discussed. “Going Public” generally refers to telling friends and family to start with, then expanding to social media, magazines, radio talk shows, TV (The Doctors, Dr. Oz) if comfortable. The comfort zone changes as you progress and become more confident. All of this is very important. I am always in a state of shock that 150 years after this condition was named by Dr. Sims, vaginismus is still not taught in medical school, residency programs and almost never discussed during advanced meetings. Yet erectile dysfunction is all over the place and no longer a big deal. Go figure that out (other than the profits that big Pharma makes).

This is an important post. Everyone needs to figure out their own comfort zone. For the ladies who have spoken to others about vaginismus, what has your experience been?