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First of all, gotta say I LOVE Diana’s suggestion of donating “When Sex Seems Impossible” to the local libraries…. I will have to get on that one. 🙂

Also, very cool Rachel about the workshop you were doing! That is amazing that you were speaking out on behalf of all of us. 🙂 I wish I could’ve given you my story! Although I’m still newly treated (11 days pp) I’m hoping mine will have the same happy ending as most of Dr. P’s other patients. 🙂

My mind has been racing just trying to think of ways I can be an advocate for others like me and get the word out on this lonely condition. I have been contemplating going public with my own story – to start, just in my own circle of reach (FB, family/friends, etc) but am not ready yet to do that. I want to wait until after we achieve intercourse. 🙂 But I am just amazed at the lack of good information available. I have been google searching “vaginismus” and trying to find everywhere I can to educate and advocate. 🙂 I found one blog of a woman who diagnosed herself with vaginismus and then said she cured herself using this special type of vibrator and that was all the information she had. She didn’t offer anything about any other types of treatment – nothing. Just use this vibrator and it would fix everyone. I wrote a long (nice) comment trying to educate, but am not sure yet if she approved it to be posted. It just makes me fired up. Coming from someone who has truly suffered and tried every treatment I could find available to myself, it makes me upset when I hear someone spouting off such poor information. 🙁

Also, one question I have too – for women that have gone public with their condition – did you have spouses or significant others and how did they feel about going public? My husband and I are feeling quite different about it. He is naturally very shy and reserved anyways, so I can understand that he feels awkward and private about it. But for me, I just feel like I owe it to these other women to be an advocate and speak up for those who don’t yet have a voice. I just remember how I felt for so many years – lonely, depressed, angry, frustrated, alone, confused and most of all like a failure as a woman and a wife — and I don’t want ANYONE else to have to feel that way, ever, not even for a minute. I want them to know they are not alone and this is something that is OKAY to talk about. Society makes us feel like we should be ashamed or embarrassed – but this is not our fault. This is not something we brought on ourselves and we should not have to suffer silently. Obviously I am hesitant to go public when my husband is so uncomfortable with it, but at the same time I cannot deny what I know in my heart, that I need to be a voice. I would love to know how others have handled this situation. 🙂