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Slowly!lol I have had to make up case studies from scratch, as sadly, no one from the two forums I have been on has come forward and given me permission to use their story. In fact, I have barely had anyone contact me which I find a little disheartening, because nothing is going to change if we don’t speak out.

I have just about wrote 4 case studies-each based on a different type of vaginismus-situational, primary and secondary. I have also contacted a few transgender people after gender reassignment as I wondered if any of them suffered with vaginismus post surgery!

Tommorow I will work on a do and don’t list andsome material for discussion and maybe some role play to. I feel quite overwhelmed with it to be honest. I have so much other stuff going on right now-adoption-writing-health….you know how it is! But, I will get there. I guess I can only do so much on my own. Hopefully my imagination and my own personal story will carry me through….