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Quote from rachel on September 12, 2013, 09:40
I will make sure that I include your topic. Maybe I could make one of the case studies your story??? I obviously would protect your confidentiality, but what do you think? I could then get them discussing how they would manage you if you had come to their office with your complaints.

This sounds great Rachel. I think what you are doing is so, so wonderful. I think another thing that I would try to somehow teach the nurses and doctors includes:

1) Please don’t tell us to “just relax”. I was told to do this so many times and it was physically and mentally impossible for me to do with vaginismus. In advance of my appointments, I would tell myself over and over that this time would be different and I would try to force myself to relax. I then got to the appointment and practically had a panic attack just being in the office. Then, when I had to actually change and they attempted the exam, it was a disaster. Everything that I had told myself during the day of how I would “just relax” was flushed and I literally felt like I was going to die and any touch at all caused excruciating pain and level 10++++ anxiety with tears and actually lifting my body off of the exam table. Please try somehow to explain to these doctors that although patients with vaginismus may try so hard to just relax and really, really want to, the scenario that I just described is often what happens during any exam attempts.