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This is wonderful news Rachel!!!!!! You are an absolutely amazing and special person and what you are doing to further spread the word about this condition speaks volumes for your character. Simply amazing!!!! I have so many different topics I would love for you to share in your workshop. My first idea includes:

1) Educating about the important difference b/t vulvodynia and vaginismus. I self-diagnosed myself with vaginismus and knew that I had all of the symptoms. I printed a handout about vaginismus out and described my symptoms to my first ob/gyn doctor and everything that I showed her and what I described was dismissed. I reacted with feelings of pain with any touch of even the outside area and this was immediately diagnosed as vulvodynia. I had such a reaction due to the anxiety/fear/pain response that is vaginismus and I did not have vulvodynia. It would have been wonderful if she would’ve taken the time to listen to me or even read some of what I had written out which described my symptoms. I would love for you to educate these nurses/docs regarding just how anxious a patient with vaginismus can be at these appointments and the importance of listening, caring, and not immediately diagnosing them with vulvodynia.

I know I will think of many more ideas and will post these soon too. Ladies, what additional ideas do you have that Rachel could incorporate into her workshop to educate the nurses and doctors about vaginismus?