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Hi evett!

I am glad to hear you have had some progress! I am not glad to hear you fainted, though 🙁 However, I wanted to tell you that I feel this is common. When one first starts working on dilating it can be, and often is, a time of extreme stress and anxiety! Vaginismus sufferers may not end up fainting but I can personally tell you I have came close and feel that many others have probably as well. Before I ever got the procedure ( I am almost 6 months post now) I would definitely get the symptoms of fainting if I tried a tampon or inserting my own finger. I also got these symptoms a few times after the procedure when dilating. The worst was the second night after the procedure. I have never came that close to fainting before but I sure did when I went to dilate. I had to lean on my husband and wait until I stopped feeling dizzy. It was unsettling. I also still get a little anxiety with tampons. I can get them in but I just personally have not fallen in love with them and really feel that I never will.
I would definitely take the advice of laying down while dilating if you haven’t. I know that sometimes laying down to dilate is not comfortable though. Leg lock can be an issue when dilating while laying down especially since you are just starting. I would at least try it if you have not already but do not feel like a failure if you are not comfortable with it and it doesn’t work out.
I hope I helped some!