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Dr. Pacik,

I have mixed motions on news of your retirement. On the one hand, I’m extremely excited that you and Janet will be starting a new adventure together in this next chapter of your lives. On the other hand, I’m saddened that you will no longer be extending your incredible care & compassion of service to other Vaginismus sufferers like myself. I honestly have no idea where I myself or where my marriage would be today without all that you, Janet and your team invested into our lives and through your treatment program. My life and marriage were forever changed because of your heart for women like us and being willing to take the risk on implementing a treatment program that is so rare to find and making it your mission to spread awareness. Even though that little muscle still likes to give me a run for my money every now and then – because of your program, all your counsel, countless emails and phone calls – I now have the courage, the wisdom and the tools to keep this condition from rearing it’s ugly head again.

As of recently, my husband and I have started to meet with an RE at a local fertility clinic. Even with being able to achieve intercourse for several months now, we still have been unable to get pregnant – but there’s NO WAY I would have had the courage before to take one step inside the clinic’s doors, had it not been for all the courage and confidence I gained through your program! A couple weeks ago, I had my first internal ultrasound with no issues whatsoever – freakin amazing!

My earnest prayer is that someone will soon come forward to be your successor to carry on this amazing ministry that you and Janet have started. You’ve changed so many lives, saved so many marriages and became a “grandfather” to so many little ones. I seriously applaud you and we genuinely love you guys and wish you all the best.

Sincerely & gratefully, Kimberly (“ROOOOOAAAARR!!!)