Hi Melissa. Welcome to the Forum. This is an absolutely wonderful post and I am so, so, so happy that there is a group out there that will continue to offer the Botox treatment program for vaginismus. It is so exciting that 5 patients were treated over the last 2 months and 6 more will be treated this coming month of November. Ladies and husbands/partners please, please join the Forum and post, post, post and ask any questions at all and know you have all of our support.

As the year of 2015 comes to an end and a new year is about to begin, this post makes me smile so huge and so sincerely happy. For several years of my life (all of my 20s and early 30s), I did not know how to overcome vaginismus and felt hopeless that I ever would. I was excellent at distracting myself with various other life activities/etc. but every year, I made a list of my top goals and every year until 2012, “Cure V” was at the very top. I wanted to overcome so we could finally make love and start our family. I tried using dilators alone but was completely unsuccessful and later tried pelvic floor PT but, again, was not successful because I could not insert a thing without the pain/resistance response. Then, thank GOD, I found Dr. Pacik’s Botox procedure for vaginismus and had the procedure in 2011 and was cured and finally able to make love to my husband and we now have a beautiful baby boy (both are dreams come true).

I have read so many member’s stories and have my own story (see above) of seeking and receiving several failed treatments for vaginismus. How many of you have heard a doctor or clinician suggest to “just relax”, “don’t think about it”, or “just do it”? The pain associated with vaginismus is not “in the women’s head” and does not readily respond to these suggestions. Vaginismus is a ‘real’ physical pain and the Botox treatment for vaginismus works to address both this physical pain and to also diffuse the fear of penetration. First, the Botox injections work to weaken the tight vaginal muscles that often make penetration impossible. Second, waking up with the dilator already in place works very well to diffuse the fear associated with penetration. For some patients, such as myself, this was the first time that something was inside of me “pain-free” and, in realizing this, it entirely eliminated any anxiety associated with penetration. The uniqueness of this combined approach to vaginismus makes it work so, so well.

Several others have also posted on trying so many treatments prior to receiving the Botox treatment program and their experiences:

Reese writes:
“Prior to the treatment with Dr. Pacik, I had tried what felt like everything under the sun. I had done physical therapy, biofeedback, etc. I had suffered from vaginismus for 7 years prior to the treatment. However, doing the treatment was the best thing that ever happened to me. My treatment cost (not including flight and hotel, of course) was $5250, and insurance reimbursed me $3756. This was a HUGE help for me. The only reason I saw a reimbursement was because Diane Tremblay fought hard for many hours with my insurance company until they paid the proper portion of the claim. She is worth every penny, as is the treatment!!!!! Note: Even if you do not get the procedure covered under insurance, I can assure you it will be the best money you have ever spent. It will relieve so much pain and bring so much happiness into your life. I would have paid three times the amount if I had to.”

lotus1000 writes:
“I had done various OBGYN exams, including one angry OBGYN who yelled at me in his Russian accent “totally unacceptable!” when I scooted away during a speculum exam. I went to vaginismus.com and ordered those dilators. I tried getting my husband to use his fingers. I used tampons. I went to counseling (even with a sex therapist). I then considered going to IVF so I could bypass intercourse as a way of getting pregnant. After 6 years of all of this, where I essentially chased my tail again and again, I found Dr. Pacik’s site and just had my treatment this past week!”

Nakitalab writes:
“At the age of 52 I felt like I had tried every treatment under the sun. From surgery to include hymen outer ring removed, episotomy, and scar tissue removal, anti-depressants, alcohol, counseling, sex therapy, dilators, etc. I had my procedure in October and just 14 days after the procedure was able to have intercourse with zero pain. It is now day 119 and I still have no pain…”

Thank you so much Melissa and to your group, Maze Women’s Sexual Health, for continuing on Dr. Pacik’s amazing work and offering the Botox treatment program for vaginismus. I look so forward to reading your future posts.