First for Women
Family Circle
Fitness (they claim their mission statement is to assist women in mind, body and spirit)
Good Housekeeping

Just to name a few as you asked (smile)
Thoughts: get the writers guidelines for 3-4 magazines that may accept your article.
Send a query to the publisher (a letter) stating your article idea, how long you intend it to be, whether you will interview anyone, if there will be photos etc and then wait for them to reply and see what they say. Once they reply (you can wait awhile), you will see what they like or don’t about your idea and then you can send another query to several magazines refining your idea, etc and work out the details if your idea gets accepted.

If I had the time I would do this and also pick up a copy of each magazine I want to query to see the styles most prevelant in them.

Let me know if you need editing help! I am an amateur writer myself I just can’t devote any time to this at the moment for leg work but would be happy to be your proofreader and editor!!

Best of luck!! Great idea!
23 years