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Thanks Kimberly,

I am doing better. I just had a moment of panic. I am still using #3 this week but #4 felt almost back to normal last night. I think I will be back to where I was soon.

The comfort level with the dilators will get better. I am a little over 7 weeks post. It took about 4 or 5 weeks but now I barely feel them with the exception of #6 at this point.

My husband and I are slowly getting to pain free sex. I find I do much better with spontaneous sex. Planning it out puts too much pressure on me. My libido doesn’t help. If I had half my husband’s libido I think we’d be just fine! My pain is usually never more than a 4, though, and it is often more discomfort than pain. I am truly happy for them but it is hard at times not to envy the women who had pain free sex very quickly after the procedure.

Congrats on getting the procedure!