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Hi Nadiekins. First, I’m so sorry about your back and hope you feel much, much better soon. Second, this is an excellent question. I had a similar question before about what happens if you are forced to take a break from dilating for any length of time. This was Dr. P’s reply:

“Everyone will every so often have a time they can’t dilate. Whether one week or one month it is always important to start with the smaller dilators and work back up. I would suggest starting with the purple #4 once again and over the next 3-7 days, depending on how it feels, progress to the pink #5 and large blue #6. Sleep with the purple as before every two days. I would probably also suggest not rushing into intercourse until you are comfortable with the dilators to avoid psychologic setbacks. Any vaginal pain could trigger an adverse emotional reaction, so prepare yourself by getting comfortable with the dilators again.

Ladies, do you also have any further feedback regarding this question???