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Quote from Lucy UK on October 19, 2015, 20:19
I am proud to announce that I can now not only “do it” but enjoy it and finally really feel at one with my very patient boyfriend. (It sounds weird but, looking back over decades, I realise that although I thought I’d had sex, I never actually did properly! What a waste of all those years…) It’s transformed our relationship, as you can imagine, as he now feels totally loved, and also hugely boosted my self-confidence and made such a difference to my life.

Huge Congrats to you Lucy!!! I absolutely LOVED reading your post. Post-procedure and post-vaginismus when my hubby and I could make love for the first time, it boosted my self-confidence in just countless ways! Vaginismus affected all areas of my life, including my relationship, and I felt and still feel on top of the world to be able to make love to my hubby pain-free. I am so, so happy that you had tremendous success with the use of the dilators and Dr. Pacik’s help. Wonderful, wonderful post and makes me smile so huge right now!!!