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Lucy UK

I’m terrifically grateful to Dr Pacik and his team – Dr P for his glass dilators, and his team for their help and encouragement, holding my hand across the ocean. I am proud to announce that I can now not only “do it” but enjoy it and finally really feel at one with my very patient boyfriend. (It sounds weird but, looking back over decades, I realise that although I thought I’d had sex, I never actually did properly! What a waste of all those years…) It’s transformed our relationship, as you can imagine, as he now feels totally loved, and also hugely boosted my self-confidence and made such a difference to my life. There is no longer a bugbear in our lives that we uneasily kept under the carpet. If you’re new to all this like I was – perhaps feeling rather embarrassed to discuss it – and clueless about where to go for real help, read the page about Dr Pacik. That was what clinched it for me. Many, many thanks to all of you. I’ll wholeheartedly recommend Dr Pacik and his products if I hear of anyone else having difficulty with sex.