Hi Katie. Huge, huge CONGRATS on your tremendous success! You are doing phenomenal! As far as dilation, I completely agree with what Dr. Pacik said and also weaned down the time that I dilated within the first year post-procedure. I also had a great idea for getting ready for spontaneous sex (sex without dilation first). I wanted to do this very badly with my husband but always felt like I needed to have the feeling of dilating first in order to be stretched and not fearful of pain. To get over this, we started to introduce vibrators into our foreplay. To me, they were so similar to the dilators and I got the needed readiness for intercourse and my husband and I really enjoyed bringing this added fun into our foreplay. We used the We-Vibe, Candy Stick, and Lelo Liv vibrators at various times and highly recommend them. Ladies, what else has helped you personally to achieve spontaneous sex post-procedure (i.e. without dilating in advance)?