I have been using the glass dilators, they are so much easier to sleep with than the silicone ones.
In the morning I CAN’T even feel the dilator inside. For me sleeping with the dilator is very important because it makes dilating afterwards so much easier and in the morning the B. muscle feels more loose and stretched, it is a nice feeling.
Also, I began the dilation process with the silicone dilators, I never knew if they were in far enough, with the glass dilators being shorter and the “right’ length, you do not have to wonder if they are in far enough, and you know how much further you need to push the dilator. This has made dilation so much easier for me.
Also, the hollow shape makes it feel so much lighter going in, you do not have this heavier mass, so you do not need to push them as much as the silicone ones.
I also like the shape, the clear glass, they look like ornaments, you can even leave them on your night table as centerpieces!!! I even like the decorative ridge at the bottom, it is really pretty and functional….it no longer bothers your inner thigh.
They are also very easy to clean, like drinking glasses, very smooth.
For those of you who are wondering where to get them (maybe you have not been to Dr. Pacik) you can call his office and order them. I sincerely think that they might be the best i have tried yet and i am on my 3rd pair!! Young’s dilators, Pure Romance, and now these wonderful glass ones!!!