Amanda Miller

I have suffered with vaginismus all my life. I have tried everything from physical therapy with bio feedback to counciling. I have so many failed attempts that i had given up. But after doing research online I found Dr.Pacik. Everything I read was amazing, and I felt like I fit all of the problems. I contacted the office and felt so wonderful. Within a short time Dr.Pacik called me and went over everything and to discuss this. I felt like this was a decision that I was ready to make. So on Dec.12,2011 my husband and myself flew to NH and I had this procedure done with Dr.Pacik.. The staff and office was wonderful and I finally felt like I wasn’t an outcast. After returning home day 8 my husband and I were able to finally make love which was something that. Never thought was going to happen. I felt like I had finally achieved something that I had given up on. My life has changed forever and I owe it to Dr.pacik and his staff for it.. If you arr struggling with this, you are not alone. Speak up and don’t be afraid there are people out there to help you. 🙂