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Hi KemK,

You sound exactly like me. I simply had a fear of inserting anything into my vagina. The thought of it alone made me panic. I started a relationship last year and really thought I needed to face this issue head on and try and find a solution.

I am based in England and found a great doctor in London who was easily and painlessly able to diagnose vaginismus. He performed the Botox treatment on me and I am pleased to say it was a success and I am now able to use the largest dilator. This was just unfathomable to me a short time ago! The Botox treatment really does work and I am so glad I did it. I would recommend you see a gynaecologist to discuss vaginismus so they can confirm if this is what you have. It sounds like it. I would definitely recommend you look into botox as it sounds like you would also benefit from this. It’s a great weight off your shoulders once it’s sorted. Good luck!