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Hi Lily678 – first of all, congratulations on the progress you’ve made so far! Getting started with dilators can be so hard and the fact that you’ve moved up several sizes is a huge milestone and an indicator that dilation is working for you (just maybe not as quickly as you’d like).

First of all, you say you’re regularly dilating but I am curious what you mean by regular. My experience as I was moving up in size was that I needed to dilate every day to really see results – I know how intense and inconvenient that can be, but it also helps you manage the highs and lows that are a regular part of dilating. It can be frustrating because our vaginas change a lot over the course of a menstrual cycle and some days it’s just going to be harder than others to dilate regardless of the effort we’re putting in. It can be easy to get discouraged and take a break from dilating when this happens, but I would recommend just moving to a smaller dilator size you can manage comfortably and then working your way back up again. I know it can feel annoying if it seems like you’re losing progress, but in reality this is just part of the challenge of making progress.

Let us know if you have other dilation questions, we’re always happy to help!