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    Hi all,

    Kind of new to this forum and my vaginismus journey. I diagnosed this at the age o o f 27. Would appreciate the help and advice. I have been on an off in my dilations since 2 months due to travel and work schedules. But recently have been taking it seriously and been regularly dilating. I can say, I couldn’t believe I reached the size 4( 5.95/ 1.30 diameter) in my set which wasn’t even possible until a few months back and proud of myself to have reached out. However it has been very painful since 2-3 days. Everytime I take it out it gives this burning sensation and I get very scared to insert it again. Sex is still impossible but it frustrates me.


    Hi Lily678 – first of all, congratulations on the progress you’ve made so far! Getting started with dilators can be so hard and the fact that you’ve moved up several sizes is a huge milestone and an indicator that dilation is working for you (just maybe not as quickly as you’d like).

    First of all, you say you’re regularly dilating but I am curious what you mean by regular. My experience as I was moving up in size was that I needed to dilate every day to really see results – I know how intense and inconvenient that can be, but it also helps you manage the highs and lows that are a regular part of dilating. It can be frustrating because our vaginas change a lot over the course of a menstrual cycle and some days it’s just going to be harder than others to dilate regardless of the effort we’re putting in. It can be easy to get discouraged and take a break from dilating when this happens, but I would recommend just moving to a smaller dilator size you can manage comfortably and then working your way back up again. I know it can feel annoying if it seems like you’re losing progress, but in reality this is just part of the challenge of making progress.

    Let us know if you have other dilation questions, we’re always happy to help!


    Hii All,

    I have started dialating 3-4 months back. I am not consistent, meaning I dialate mostly on weekends. All is okay with first 2 dialators but when I am trying dialator no.3, it is burning inside my vagina at the entrance such is the pain that it’s too unbearable. And when I manage to insert further even after pain then there is no burning or pain.
    Can you tell when will this burning go away I mean I am getting demotivated because of all this.


    Hi Vee,

    That burning sensation is the feeling that is described by most women when they are stretching the vaginal opening.

    The burning does usually improve with continued consistent dilation.

    Sometimes using lidocaine 5% cream at the vaginal entrance can help reduce the burning and make the dilation more comfortable.

    For some women if they still have an intact hymen, that needs to tear in order for dilation to be more comfortable.

    I would try lidocaine and dilating more often and see if that helps move past the first two dilators.

    You can always consider coming for the Botox Procedure here at Maze. That will significantly help speed up the dilation process.

    Keep us posted.


    Is it safe to use lidocaine gel at the entrance of vagina every time I dialate?
    Does it have any side effects?


    Hi Vee0706 – I used lidocaine gel every time I dilated for awhile and didn’t have any issues personally. Also, are you warming up with the dilator sizes you’re comfortable with before trying to put the 3rd one in? That can make a big difference, and I really can’t emphasize enough how much it helps to dilate every day, even if it’s just for literally a couple of minutes. Maybe right before a shower? Before bed? Before you get up for the day? Finding that little window can help you make progress long term.


    Can I try penetration using lidocaine gel?
    Does it have any side effect?


    Yes you can.

    You can safely use the lidocaine at the vaginal entrance 10-15 min before having any penetration, including intercourse.

    Using a condom would prevent any transfer of lidocaine to your partners penis, as there could be potential for the lidocaine to cause some numbing sensation to his penis.

    As for side effects, the lidocaine can sometimes give a burning sensation with first application. But usually nothing more significant than that.

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