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Thank you so much for these responses… I’ve struggled with this privately for so long to the point that I’d mostly put off thinking about this altogether, only to just feel distressed and overwhelmed if I ever developed interest in anyone or wanted to pursue anything with someone.

I did want to see if I could ask both of you more about your experiences with a) the anesthesia/botox treatment and b) the regular dilation exercises. Specifically for the anesthesia/botox one, obviously only as much as you’re comfortable sharing, from the first step of seeking out the treatment to having successful intercourse, what did that entail? What evaluations if any were needed to have the treatment, or were you just believed about your difficulties? And what was required of you to continue dilating after the treatment? How did it feel, including as the botox wore off? Thank you for any insight you can provide and I entirely respect if you are not comfortable giving a more step by step process