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Hi Rah,
I’m based in Edinburgh, Scotland. So it was also a considerable expense going to see that specialist in Nottingham (travel, on top of already high consultation fees). I still think it was worth it though, even if only to have someone who actually understands something about this issue confirm that this is in fact what I’m suffering from. Most other doctors I’d seen didn’t even grasp what I was trying to describe to them.
Like you, I was privileged to be able to afford the expense at the time, but there are many other women who wouldn’t, which is sad.
I do hope the prp injections work out for you, and you start seeing progress soon. And yes, please do keep us updated on how you’re getting on. I’ll be rooting for you!
Do you mind me asking how you came across the injections as a potential treatment? Were they recommended to you by someone?