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Hi Rah,
Thanks for sharing. It’s always good to hear what other people are trying (although it sucks to have to do this in the first place!)
I agree, I highly doubt the NHS would pay for this. It took me over a year just to get an appointment with a gynaecologist through the NHS, and it was an utter waste of time as he had clearly no understanding of what I had, nor any interest in helping me. He also suggested Fenton’s but, like you, I was aware of the low success rate of this procedure (through my own research, not even the gyno’s advice!) so I pushed back against that and decided to keep trying things on my own.
The procedure that the private Gyno I saw in Nottingham suggested is slightly different to Fenton’s, and as he explained it is often used in cases where Fenton’s wasn’t successful. This procedures has a success rate of about 70%, which also isn’t great, if you ask me. Especially if you choose to pay for it privately, which would cost you about £3000, on top of any additional consultation fees.
Agreed, health isn’t cheap, but it’s also not fair that one should spend all their savings on it. Considering how debilitating this condition is, treatment should be accessible to all, not a privilege of the few 🙁