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Thanks Mazemelissa!
I’ve always desired to have the kind of intimate relationship that comes with a marriage. To me, a sexual relationship is the ultimate acceptance by someone of who and what you are. And after being a rather large person all my life, it was my ultimate hope that after I was married I would have that acceptance. Yet, that was not to be. I find myself at that point where I am envious of my friends who have children and grandchildren. Plus I’ve reached a point where I’m seeing some of my friends passing on now and I’m looking back on life and wondering what could I have done differently. Of course holidays are always difficult because I have no children or grandchildren to share that with. My post was not so much about being angry and hurt because of the lack of intimacy with my wife. It’s as much of loving someone so much that I’ve had to learn to have patience and forgiveness while not having the same understanding returned when I’ve expressed concern about it. But like you said she has to desire the change. Thanks so much for your reply!