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Hi blueeyes42 – I unfortunately can’t comment on your convergence of circumstances firsthand, but I do have friends with IUDs and they’ve said that the insertion is unpleasant but that once it’s in you don’t feel it at all beyond a little bit of cramping for a few minutes after insertion.

What level of sedation does your doctor offer? I think if you were fully unconscious it would be no issue at all. I had vaginismus and had a pap smear under anesthesia before I had any treatment and it went totally fine since I wasn’t awake and able to flinch away. If you’re still somewhat awake I think it would depend on where you’re at in your vaginismus treatment. Getting an IUD involves having a speculum inserted, so if that’s something you’ve had done successfully that would help. I think trusting your gyno would help you to be comfortable, as well as having her let you know what she’s going to do before doing it.