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Team pads here!! Hi! I’m 26 now, and I know plenty of women who don’t like tampons because they are uncomfortable or even painful. It doesn’t necessarily mean vaginismus. For some women it can be that the tissues of the vaginal wall is just very sensitive and tight while menstruating. It could also be because some women experience a bruising feeling inside the vagina while menstruating, or maybe even that the vagina is not well lubricated when inserting the tampon. And it could also be fear! Maybe they are just nervous about the tampon insertion, causing them to tense and tighten. If you, yourself, are trying to decide if you have vaginismus.. it is always best to get an opinion from your gyn! But you can also try a finger. Make sure your nails are cut and filed, and that your hands are clean and see how your body reacts to something more natural. Fingers can bend and curve, unlike a foreign object. They are also much softer! Use plenty of lube, too, if you try this! But I wouldn’t say pain from a tampon insertion directly means vaginismus. Unfortunately, our bodies are all very very different and take time to learn. Especially when we start exploring our vagina, and inside of our vagina. What works for some, won’t work for others. We’re all so very unique! And our bodies will love and hate many things. I really hope this helps!! 🙂