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Hi newbie! When I went for my BOTOX treatment, Melissa from Maze was guiding me through proper dilation and she told me that in order to have comfortable sex, my vagina would need to be able to stretch bigger than my partners penis. That way, the penis would fit easily and comfortably.. as I’d actually be able to stretch bigger. And progress is not linear! But consistent is key. It took me much longer than a lot of the success stories here to have penetrative sex after my procedure. Every body is different and you don’t want to push the process. Your body is learning, and changing and overcoming. Be gentle and patient with yourself 🙂 Like Recessivenessqueen said.. even if you have to dilate with the smaller dilators.. that is still progress! That is still physical therapy! And that is keeping up with consistency! Don’t forget that our lovely vaginas are muscles! They get sore and tired too. There are also lots of cool tips and tricks to hack a better dilation session such as: yoga poses for the pelvic floor muscles, dilation breathing techniques, stretches and, my favorite, tons of relaxing tips to make dilating more enjoyable! Like laying on a heating pad for comfort, or maybe taking a really hot shower before hand, candles! Etc. But you can Google any of these! That’s how I found what worked best for me. I really hope this helps! You’ve got this!