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Hi abby22!
This is a GREAT thread. And it is definitely not spoken about enough!! Even during my own treatment with vaginismus, I wasn’t informed that my partner could develop a sexual dysfunction. In the beginning, my husband had a difficult time staying erect because he was so scared to hurt me. After seeing my in tears multiple times before. There’s a lot to it, like redrose said, the possibilities and causes are much too large to pin point exactly. I’ve read a lot about premature ejaculation, my friends fiancé suffers this. And just like vaginismus, it’s very treatable. Inconvenient as it is, you have already overcome so much, that this will be a breeze for you two. There’s so many tricks out there you could try at home together. There’s also delay sprays or numbing creams found at sex shoppes. Of course the uses for these products would be temporary, just enough to get him acquainted with sex and build up more of a tolerance for the stimulation. I’ve read that they try antidepressants for PE because it dulls the hormones in association with sex. But those kinds of meds can come with other side effects. I’m so sorry you both have to deal with this at all, but together you’ll over come it 🙂 You both deserve the best sex life together and I really hope this is resolved for you guys soon. Best of luck!