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Hi lucyjay – thanks so much for posting.

How frustrating! Sounds like you were having all these great sexual experiences and then a painful one that had a strong impact on you physically and emotionally.

I hope you’re getting appropriate treatment and guidance RE: your vaginismus diagnosis. Additionally, I recommend that you learn more about the brain-vagina connection (what’s our strongest and most influential sex organ? The BRAIN!) so that you can re-engage with it on a positive level. This doesn’t happen overnight – it’s a process that takes practice. But with the right support – you’ll get there, in your own time. This is the concept of neuroplasticity.

If you don’t know where to start with either avenue of treatment, give us a call at Maze. We offer free 10-minute phone consults and can help you decide what might be next in regard to your healing process.

Be well and take care!