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Wow, thanks so much for your thoughtful response! I think I am going to call Maze for the free consultation, and if it makes sense, make an appointment when I am back in NYC this summer. I am also going to try to talk to my mom about this because I think it would be helpful to have her support instead of feeling like I am doing this all secretly.

I think my biggest struggle is just feeling like something is wrong with me and feeling that it is unfair that I have to deal with this when other people don’t… but I am trying to reframe my thinking from that mentality to instead feel empowered that this is treatable for most people and that I can take steps starting now to try to move past this and improve my situation so that I can partake in things that I want to that I feel I haven’t been able to yet. And as much as maybe I would have wish I would have been able to do so years ago or not have to deal with this altogether, I can seek treatment soon…

Thanks again for your kind and encouraging response. I am nervous that this process will be tough and uncomfortable and take a while but it does make me feel better to know that Maze has helped so many people, and even extreme cases, and that you have had a lot of success with your treatment.