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Hi amyct23- I’m sorry to hear you’re struggling with that last dilator! Would you say it’s larger than your last partner’s penis? Something I was a bit surprised about was that I never actually got super comfortable with the largest pink dilator in the set Maze uses with its botox patients, but in reality it was WAY bigger than my partner’s penis so I didn’t end up needing it as much in my routine (although it was the one I woke up with inside of me when I got botox!)

Something Maze was able to do was give me a size from a different set between the penultimate and final dilators in the set I had, so if there’s a big size jump in yours, you might try ordering a different set with an in-between size to further ease the transition. Also, if it is indeed way bigger than your average penis, you still may be able to transition to intercourse anyway (especially if you find an in-between size).

Don’t lose hope! You’ve made SO much progress already and I know you’ve worked hard.