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Hi Mazemelissa,

Thank you for your reply! You’re right I’m unsure to what it is. I previously had a yeast infection going back 3 years or so, and that was definitely painful & had all the symptoms that come with. However when I was examining what was deep embedded in my vagina, It definitely had the same texture and smell (bread, flour smell), so that’s why I’m so convinced it is yeast that I’m seeing, but I will definitely seek some help. It’s a bit difficult as I’m in the US at the moment, but I’m originally from the UK. So I can’t really pop into my GP, but will try and explore options here and I agree with you I won’t be taking OTC medications until I know for sure what it is, do you think I should still carry on dilating, or should stop until I figure what it is down there?

Just also wanted to add there is not a lot of it at all, only a bit comes out when dilating but the outside of my vagina looks fine and no there no yeast like discharge at all.