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@Sks823 – thanks for sharing! Yes, “Call Me Daddy” is immensely popular, and Emily Morse is also very well-known in the media world for her expertise on sexual health.

Love how you broke down the segment for us and provided the time stamp – it’s so helpful to everyone here!

It’s absolutely frustrating that Dr. Morse was cut off, especially when she had more important vaginismus information to impart. Without those other details, listeners only get a portion of the story.

While this is maddening for anyone who experiences vaginismus (and for those of us who provide care!), we are heartened whenever it’s mentioned in the media. This helps to normalize, educate, motivate people to seek accurate information, and ultimately – for those who struggle with it – find diagnosis and treatment.

We think any conversation – even if only introductory – can help change societal norms that are so antiquated when it comes to discussion of sexual issues. Thanks for being a change agent, @Sks823!